Roof Inspection Services



Roof Inspection Certification

IMPORTANT! Be prepared for your Roof Certification inspection services. Upon seeing our photos, call us with any concerns and we will be happy to assist you with questions (239) 340-0375.

  1. Do you have any receipts or permits for updates to ROOFING? Please have this information available as it will definitely help you.
  2. Do you own a mobile home with a metal or rubber membrane roof that you have maintained regularly? Pressure washing or re-sealing is often good practice prior to inspection although this is not mandated. However a roof that shows well does better on the inspection.

Why do I need a Roof Certification?

Many underwriters require a documented permit to confirm that your roof is in good standing. In addition, when the roof becomes 15 years or older the underwriter wants to confirm the roof is in good shape. In conclusion, the roof certification is often required when renewing or switching insurances.

Examples of notable deficiencies

  1. Loose, missing or deteriorated roofing may be considered non insurable. Life expectancy on 3 tab shingle roof is 20 years. Dimensional roofing is 25 years and metal roofs are 35 to 50 years life expectancy. Furthermore, the underwriters require a minimum of 4 years life expectancy at which point the roof will be insurable for 1 more year as the cut off in life expectancy is 3 years.