Dock & Seawall Inspection

Docks, Boat Lifts & Seawall Inspections

At A Handy Home Inspectors, we specialize in providing thorough inspection services for seawalls and docks throughout Southwest Florida. Our highly trained inspectors use the latest technologies and techniques to identify any potential problems with a seawall or dock. And as we own our own Dock Building Company, we have a lot of first hand experience and knowledge about docks and boat lifts.

We are dedicated to helping our customers ensure their structures remain safe and secure for years to come. Our inspections can include both visual assessments as well as non-invasive testing methods such as infrared thermal imaging, which allows us to detect areas of weakened structure that may be otherwise undetectable. We also offer detailed reporting of our findings so you can make informed decisions about repair work or preventive maintenance on your property’s seawall or dock.

Seawall Maintenance Protects Against The Elements 

We understand that maintaining a seawall or dock is an important part of protecting your property from the elements, so we take our job seriously when it comes to fully inspecting these structures. 

Our dock and seawall inspection, follows through the same standards as our home inspection services. An expert inspector will perform a visual inspection of the whole structure from the ground up to look for signs of damage and provide expert recommendations.

Contact Our Seawall Inspection Team 

Our experienced technicians will thoroughly examine each component of the structure – from the pilings and bulkheads to the decks, walls, gates, handrails and more – so you can rest assured knowing that all potential issues have been addressed before they become major concerns down the road. 

If you have any questions about our seawall and dock inspection services in Southwest Florida, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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