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Are you concerned that your home has a mold issue? Thinking of getting a professional mold inspection? Look no further. Handy Home Inspector is here to help. We specialize in mold inspection services in Florida.

Mold is a serious problem that can damage your property and your family’s health. As it is sneaky and grows in damp and moist areas, it can grow and spread in your home before you know it. Therefore, it is crucial to get your home inspected if you suspect mold presence. Schedule a service today with our experienced and licensed mold experts.

Mold Inspection
Mold Inspector

Mold Inspection Services

Delivered With Transparency and Legal Conformance

At Handy Home Inspector, we strive to provide homeowners in and across Florida with the best, most comprehensive, and most reliable mold inspection services. All services are delivered with transparency and in conformance with the law.

Our certified mold inspector performs a comprehensive visual inspection of your property, looking for signs of damage and mold presence. We believe inspectors shouldn’t profit from issues identified during the investigation process. For that reason, we don’t engage in mold remediation services. We are laser-focused on detecting and preventing mold presence in your home.

Step-by-Step Assistance for Homeowners

We work with you cohesively and at every step to ensure your property is mold-free. At Handy Home Inspector, we start with an in-depth mold inspection. This step is crucial because it helps us determine the following:

  • The presence of mold inside your property
  • The extent of damages caused by mold
  • The severity of mold damage

Once we are affirmative of the presence of mold in your property, we move on to the next step, mold sampling and testing.

Mold Testing

Mold testing is essential to determine the exact mold infestation damaging your property. It is crucial to identify mold types because over 200,000 mold species exist. Some mold species are harmless, while others produce hazardous mycotoxins. Besides this, prolonged exposure to black mold, which is highly toxic, can be fatal.

Complete and Authentic Reporting

At Handy Home Inspector, we provide you with proper documentation according to Florida’s mold laws. It helps avoid lawsuits, false claims, and confusion, especially when filing for insurance. Hence, we ensure all details are documented carefully in writing. From performing industry tests to determining location and mold damage severity, all steps are accompanied by paperwork.

Clearance Test

Our service doesn’t end here. Once the damages are repaired, our licensed mold expert returns to perform a post-remediation inspection of your property. This is to ensure the mold removal process is executed correctly.

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