Pest Inspection Services

Pest Inspection Services

At A Handy Home Inspector, we provide thorough pest inspection services for homes and businesses. Our experienced staff has years of experience in pest control and will conduct a thorough inspection to identify any infestation or potential pest problems.

We use the latest technology to accurately pinpoint problem areas and take measures to ensure that your property is protected from pests. We understand how serious an infestation can be, so our technicians work diligently to make sure all areas are inspected, including hard-to-reach places like attics, crawl spaces, and basements.

After the initial inspection, we will prepare a comprehensive report detailing the findings and outlining any recommendations for remediation or preventative measures that need to be taken.

Quality Service

Our team is committed to providing quality service at competitive prices. We offer both residential and commercial inspections, as well as pre-construction inspections for new structures.

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A pest inspection identifies roaches, ants, spiders, vermin, and termites. Contact A Handy Home Inspector to schedule your inspection today.

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