Electrical Wiring Inspections

Electrical wiring is a fundamental part of any home, and it’s important to keep your electrical system up to date. Replacing or updating old wires can help prevent electrical fires, increase safety, and reduce energy costs. As a result, hiring a professional to conduct electrical wiring inspections is very important.

1.   Safety Concerns

electrical wiring inspectionsSafety is the most important reason to have electrical wiring inspections periodically. Electrical fires can cause injuries and property damage, and they may even start in other homes in your neighborhood. The National Fire Protection Association reports that more than 50 percent of home electrical fires begin with overloaded circuits or faulty wiring. This means that it’s critical for you to have all of the wires in your home checked by an electrician for any potential issues before they become dangerous problems.

When you install electrical systems in your home, it is important to follow all building codes and ordinances so that everything is connected properly and safely. You also need to keep up with regular inspections on a regular basis so that you don’t end up having any problems down the road when something goes wrong. If left unchecked for too long without maintenance work being performed regularly, then this could lead eventually lead to bigger problems later on down the road, which could potentially result in not only costing you money but possibly even lives too

2.   Energy Costs

With the rising cost of energy, it is more important than ever to keep your home’s wiring up to date. Not only will this allow you to reduce your energy costs, but it can also help prevent fire hazards in your home.

Simply put: Your electrical system helps define the comfort level and safety of your home by providing you with heat, air conditioning, lighting, and other important functions. In addition to these standard needs for everyday living, many homeowners today have become accustomed to higher levels of luxury, such as microwaves or refrigerators that run on electricity rather than gas or propane sources. With all these different appliances being used at one time throughout each day by several members of the household. There are many opportunities where something could go wrong with either faulty wiring or incorrect usage (such as using too much power).

3.   Outdated Wiring

You should also check for wiring that isn’t up to code. This could be a sign that the wiring is too old, exposed, or damaged. It may also have been painted over, which could cover up any damage to the insulation.

Next, look around your home for electrical outlets with dead spots around them or that are discolored and feel warm to the touch. These are indications of faulty outlets and need replacing immediately before they start a fire by overheating and melting away their plastic coating (known as arcing).

4.   Old Electrical Wiring Can Cause Fires

If you live in a home with old electrical wiring, there’s a good chance that your home has some faulty or damaged wiring. Even if the wiring is still functioning and doesn’t look damaged, it could still be the cause of an electrical fire. For example, many people don’t realize that copper wire can corrode when exposed to moisture over time. If this corrosion goes unnoticed by homeowners, they may not do anything to fix their problem until it becomes severe enough to cause fires.

If you suspect that your home has faulty or damaged wiring—especially if you’ve experienced any issues with short circuits or tripping breakers—you should have a qualified technician or inspector to come out and inspect the situation for you. They’ll be able to determine whether repairs are needed before any further damage occurs to your property (and possibly even save lives).


We hope that this article has given you some insight into why it’s important to have electrical wiring inspections done by a professional. Electrical fires are one of the leading causes of home fires, so it’s important that you take steps to prevent this from happening in your home. If you have any questions or concerns about your electrical wiring, give us a call today.