well water testing requirementsThe majority of the population in the US gets their drinking from private wells as they are a safe, renewable, and reliable water source. Homeowners are in charge of ensuring that their well water is safe for use since the EPA does not regulate these wells.

90% of Floridians rely on groundwater for their water requirements. Even though groundwater is safer for consumption, bacteria, and chemicals can still reach it. Therefore, it is essential to conduct well water testing to determine if the water is contaminated. Read on to learn about well water testing requirements in Florida.

Well Water Testing Requirements in Florida

The Department of Health recommends you test your water for germs and nitrates at least once every year if you use a private well. By performing routine water testing, you can protect your family’s health and guarantee that your water supply is safe. You can get information on collecting water samples and getting them tested.

On average, it costs between $20 and $30 to get water samples tested by your local health department. You can also request the local health department employees to visit your house to collect water samples on your behalf. However, you will have to pay an additional fee for this service.

Additionally, you can also get your water tested via private state-certified laboratories. You can locate these labs by searching through the DEP’s online laboratory directory, contacting your local health agency for a list, or looking through the phone book. While getting your private well water tested is recommended, it is not mandatory. No specific laws require homeowners to test their well waters before selling their homes. However, lenders such as the Veterans Affairs and the Federal Housing Administration may require well water testing as a component of the loan process. Thus, to close the loan, the homeowner must set up the well water test.

The state of Florida does have laws governing the testing of public water sources. However, in the case of private well waters, it is the homeowners’ responsibility to ensure their well water meets the local and EPA requirements. However, when a homeowner constructs a new private well or repairs an existing one, several counties in Florida have regulations that demand well water testing. Nevertheless, to ensure your water is safe, you should have the groundwater tested if you are constructing a new house and well.

Final Word

Testing your well water is an easy and affordable approach to help ensure your water supply is safe. Regular testing will reveal any problems in your water source. Thus, you can hire a specialist to help you make the water safe for consumption.

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