Pay At Close

Say goodbye to upfront repair costs with our hassle-free repair escrow service! 

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We’ll handle all the expenses for necessary repairs upfront, so you can focus on closing with peace of mind. No more stress about coming up with funds upfront – let us take care of it for you. Trust our experienced team to handle the details smoothly, ensuring a seamless transaction from start to finish. Contact us today to learn more about how our repair escrow service can benefit you!

Here’s how it typically works:

  1. Inspection: A thorough inspection of the property is conducted, revealing issues with the roof, HVAC system, electrical wiring, plumbing, mold, and dock.
  2. Negotiation: The buyer and seller negotiate who will cover the cost of these repairs. Sometimes, the seller agrees to make the repairs before closing, while in other cases, the parties may agree to establish a repair escrow.
  3. Repair Escrow: A repair escrow is essentially a fund set aside to cover the cost of repairs. This fund is usually held by a neutral third party, such as a title company or an attorney.
  4. Closing: The sale proceeds as planned, with the repair escrow amount included in the closing costs. The funds are held until the repairs are completed satisfactorily.
  5. Repairs: After the closing or sometimes before, the necessary repairs are carried out using the funds from the repair escrow.
  6. Finalization: Once the repairs are completed and verified, the funds from the repair escrow are released to cover the cost.