insurance claim for a roofIf you own a home, you must have homeowners insurance. The real challenge is to know when and how to use it. With too much said about homeowners insurance, many misconceptions will make you afraid to use services you’re long paying for. You must have heard of claims such as ‘if you file for a claim, you might lose your discount.’ It might be a nightmare for some to think of it. However, there are no punishments for filing a claim, and rightfully so.

Let’s dive deeper into how long you must file and claim roof insurance.

When to File an Insurance Claim for My Roof?

The entire purpose of an insurance claim is to get back the money you lost in an unexpected, unfortunate incident. You are paying a yearly or monthly premium to your home insurance company, so you can avail of these services when you most need them. With home insurance coverage, you have replacement cost coverage included in the plan, allowing you to file a claim to the company to replace your roof. However, it is crucial to know what comes under your coverage. Damages such as fire and water are covered in all home insurance policies.

Factors Affecting Your Roof Claim

Many factors will influence how your home insurance company deals with your claim. Here are the key reasons:

  1. How many home insurance claims have you made in the past five years?
  2. What is your deductible?
  3. What is the extent to which your roof has been damaged?
  4. What is the total worth of your roof (have you opted for roof replacement coverage on your plan?)
  5. What is the ability of your advisor to get your claims accepted?

Homeowners are known to file claims at least twice in ten years. However, if you’re someone who is filing a claim yearly, you will be facing higher tax rates. The trick is to only file for a claim that you know is covered.

The Amount of Your Deductible

It is only wise to ensure you’re filing for a covered claim. Then, consider how it’ll impact your claim filing history. If your deductible is $2500 and your claim is $2000, your claim will not be accepted. However, it will be shown on your claim history for three years straight. Remember, the more insurance claims you are to make, the more of an insurance risk you’ll have. If you wish to keep your rates low, you don’t want to be considered high-risk.

The Damaged Caused to Your Roof

If the damages were not minimal, you must consider the risk and rewards of filing a claim. It is best to get the roof fixed yourself. It will help you keep a low-risk profile and eventually lower interest rates. It is best to get your roof assessed by an expert before filing any claims. You can you’re your claim immediately if the damage is significant and you are confident it’ll be covered. Thus, if you suspect any hail, wind, or fire damage in Southwest Florida, contact A Handy Home Inspector for roof inspection services or call us at (239) 340-0375.