Inspecting roofs is not an easy task and requires a lot of effort, which is why many people have begun to opt for drone inspections since they are much simpler and get the job done more efficiently. Drone roof inspections is much safer than sending workers for repairs since there is zero chance of injury. You can access high-definition images and videos in real time, giving you a full picture of the roof’s condition.

Let’s explore some of the advantages of roof inspections using drones.

drone roof inspectionsDrones Provide Safety

Operators can safely control the drones and use them to scope out the roof of a building, which removes the need to hire laborers or workers who may get injured in the process and take much more time than a drone. Some roof conditions are dangerous and may require ladders, which is why drones are a better alternative since they get the job done equally well or better, minimizing the risk of potential injury.

Drones Offer Greater Precision

It is much easier to get a clear picture of your roof’s condition by using drones since they can effectively capture every part of a roof’s structure and relay it back to the operator for examination. You can control a drone’s pathline to the dot, which means it is very precise, leading to a more comprehensive inspection. The details you receive from a drone are unparalleled because it captures high-definition videos and images to reveal different aspects of a roof’s structure, such as the tiling, flashing, chimney, and more.

If your roof is damaged and potentially at risk of collapsing, you will figure that out quickly by either discovering water on the roof or missing roof shingles, which can point to signs of deterioration. If you live in an area that receives a lot of rainfall or snow, you will easily discover any early signs of damage, which can be fixed immediately.

Drones Provide Extensive Data Collection

Due to the high-quality cameras attached to a drone, you will receive accurate and detailed imagery and videos, which can inform you of your roof’s condition. You may capture videos, create complete models of the roof’s structure, or make use of thermal imaging, which is what separates drones from conventional roof inspection methods. Many people opt to get a roof inspection done using a drone because it reduces insurance costs by a significant margin, making it feasible to invest a little money upfront and get a drone inspection done. Insurers demand that property owners take responsibility for their structures so they are protected from unnecessary claims that could have been avoided.

Drone Roof Inspections Service

A Handy Home Inspector offers affordable rates for roof inspections using drones, offering complete and detailed data based on your requirements.

Final Verdict

Drone inspections are much faster than conventional methods and provide safe and reliable data that can be evaluated for any signs of damage or deterioration. This allows property owners to take corrective action if their roof needs to be repaired or replaced entirely. Drone inspections are becoming the new normal, and the drone industry is projected to be worth billions in the near future.